England vs Ireland Rugby Live Streaming

England vs Ireland rugby live streaming always gets tensions running high in any sport, and rugby league is no different, especially at the time of the world cup. This particular England vs Ireland contest takes place on Saturday November 2nd at 2:30pm, at the John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield.

England vs Ireland

England vs Ireland Rugby Live Streaming

England vs Ireland live streaming matches have happened twice since the formation of the Irish team in 2000, and Ireland have lost both times. But there is plenty of quality in their ranks, and they will be hoping to provide an upset in Huddersfield. Let’s not forget that England will have been battered and bruised by the might Australia a few days earlier.

England vs Ireland Live

Prolific Wigan points scorer and winger will be vital in the plans of Ireland coach Mark Aston, along with half-back Liam Finn who will captain the team. He plays for Featherstone Rovers in the Kingstone Championship, just below the Super League in English rugby league, who have been doing well in that competition, and he is as vital for the Irish side as he is for Rovers. Up front, Kyle Amor had a great season in 2012 with Wakefield Wildcats, having made the switch from parent club Leeds Rhinos – the champions. England vs Ireland is a big match, and from his time at Leeds he will be used to being around big games.

Rugby League World Cup Ireland vs England 2013

England will look to New Zealand born half-back Rangi Chase and his dazzling box if tricks to pick away through the Irish defence. Despite losing Gareth Ellis of Hull to retirement just as the tournament is about to begin, England also have a lot of other talent they can depend on. Originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, brothers Sam and George Burgess now play for the South Sydney Rabbitohs in Australia’s NRL, but will make the trip back home to England as an essential part of their nation’s set up, and England vs Ireland streaming will no doubt be one they’re looking forward to.

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