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Fiji vs Ireland Rugby Live Streaming

The other two teams in Group A along with England and Australia will play on Monday October 28th at 8pm – Fiji vs Ireland live streaming. The game will be at the Sportland Stadium, Rochdale.

Fiji vs Ireland live streaming

Fiji vs Ireland Rugby Live Streaming

Fiji vs Ireland rugby live stream is a good contest between two up and coming nations in rugby league, who will hope to improve on their previous best showings. For Fiji, that will be difficult as they made the semi-finals in 2008, and a place in the final is a lot to ask, but in rugby league anything is possible. Ireland made their first world cup appearance in 2000 and reached the quarter finals that same year, as they did again in 2008. Ireland’s coach will be Mark Aston of Sheffield Eagles, who has had a big impact on that club and will hope to do the same for the Irish national team.

Fiji vs Ireland Rugby League World Cup

Players to look out for during Fiji vs Ireland live streaming – for Fiji, the legend Petero Civoniceva is very much a veteran at 37 but only retired from Australia’s elite NRL in 2012 and will captain his country of birth in the 2013 World Cup. He has previously played for the Australian national side in 45 tests, but now sees out his career switching to his homeland team of Fiji (in case anyone was wondering, it’s much easier to switch nations even if you’ve played for another in rugby league, than it is in other sports!). At the other end of the age spectrum, young half-back Ryan Millard will also be one to watch.

Watch Fiji vs Ireland Rugby Live

For Ireland, Pat Richards of Wigan kicks goals for fun, scoring a good few tries on the wing as well, and was named Man of Steel in Super League in 2010. Check out Fiji vs Ireland live streaming and be part of the action.