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New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea Rugby Live Streaming

The  New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea live stream will truly be exciting to see when it all takes place. The 2013 Rugby League World Championship will be held in the United Kingdom from 26th October to 30th Nov. The New Zealand rugby team commonly known as the Kiwis will be playing Papua New Guinea also known as Kumuls’ on 8th of Nov 2013 at 8p.m at Headingley Canegie stadium in Leads. The Kiwis won the last world Championship against Australia in 2008.  They have won the title eleven times while the Kumuls’ have won once against the kiwis in 1988. The Kumuls’ won 24 to 22 against the New Zealand Rugby team.  New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea both are strong teams.

New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea

 New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea Live Stream

In the year 2000 the Papua rugby team managed to reach the quarter finals in the World Championship. The fans of the Kumuls’ are the most popular and passionate in the world but are considered rowdy and violent. The kumuls’ infrastructure is dilapidated thus contributing to the poor performance of the team. The New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea is a match not to be missed as both teams have good and talented players. Some of the kumuls’ players play professionally in Australia and Europe. The New Zealand team is believed to be among the favorites to win the Championship.

New Zealand faces Papa New Guinea at Rugby League World Cup

The managers of both teams have neither announced nor released the squad. The kumuls’ have a hard task since their opponents are the defending champions. The kiwis should also put their best foot forward by not under estimating the kumuls’. The kiwis are hoping two of their best player will be in better shape in time for the match namely Sonny and Benji. New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea live stream will be a spectacular game with them sharing the same group with Samoa and France. Some of the players to watch out for in the kumuls team are Paul Aiton and Menzie Yere.